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The Sarrattt Youth Art Institute meets for drop off in the mornings (8:30 – 9:00) and pickup afternoons (4:00 – 4:30) at 201 24th Ave S which is located on the corner of 24th Ave S and Kensington Ave. This is our summer “Art Head Quarters” (AHQ). Ages 5 – 7 stay in this building for their art classes and activities while ages 8 – 16 walk the short 1/2 block  to work in the Studios. On most days, we all meet here for lunch and some free time. See map below for directions.

Parents that work on campus may walk their child to 201 24th Ave. Cars need to come on to campus at 25th Ave S and turn on to Kensington Ave. and drive 2 blocks to the last building  on the right. Our staff will be on the sidewalk to help your child get safely out of the car and to direct traffic flow.