Setting up a postgreSQL/PostGIS database

PostGRE SQL/PostGIS setup and remote access

see this pdf

Email notification test

This is a test to see if the email notification plugin is working. If you received this, it is because I added your email to the post notification list for the SARL User forum. Each time a new post is created you will receive an email. This will make the forum more active and useful [...]

AREQ base station for post-processing in Pathfinder Office

For those working in southern Peru/Altiplano/Northern Chile (from Nico tripcevich):

Good news: Working through our california trimble rep (Isaiah Mack) I was able to get Trimble to review the Trimble base station list in the Differential Correction software and reinstate AREQ to the list. Try to differentially correct some peruvian GPS data and if you [...]

SARL User Guide

Logging in:

To use the systems follow the login instructions on the screen.

Use your vunetid as your username.

Use your epassword

Do not share your account. Do not allow others to log on using your username and password.


Do not store files on drive C: they will be erased automatically

Save [...]

User Forum

Fall 2010 Consultation Hours added. Click on \”Contact\” at the top of the page.

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General Inquiries:

Dr. Steve Wernke – SARL Director

Assistant Professor

Department of Anthropology

124 Garland Hall

Vanderbilt University

Nashville, TN 37235

Problems/Operational Queries:

Lauren Kohut – Graduate Teaching Assistant Spring 2012 Consultation [...]

GIS References and Data Links

GIS how-to\’s, discussion boards, etc. ESRI Resource Center: Home of ESRI desktop help, blogs and user forums. Great starting point for troubleshooting. ESRI Training: Online tutorials and information on classes offered around the country. Some cost may apply. ESRI User Forums: Online user forum for asking questions and troubleshooting problems with ESRI technical support staff [...]



SARL has four Dell Precision Workstation 690 workstations with the following capabilities:

CPU: Quad Core Intel Xeon Processor E5345 (2.33GHz) RAM: 4 GB GPU: 256MB PCIe x16 ATI FireGL V7200 HDD: 2 x 250 GB, SATA 3.0Gb/s 7200 RPM, (RAID1) Monitor: Dell 24 inch UltraSharp 2407FPW-HC Widescreen All workstations are [...]


Access and Hours of Use

SARL is located in Room 10 Garland Hall (basement level). The SARL door will be locked at all times. Access to the lab will be available by requesting the key from the administrative staff in the office of the Department of Anthropology during business hours (124 Garland Hall, 8:30 [...]


The Spatial Analysis Research Laboratory (SARL) is an advanced Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) facility intended for faculty, research staff, and advanced graduate students who are experienced GIS/RS users, with the purpose of providing high-powered workstations and mass-storage systems for analyzing large datasets and executing computationally-intensive geospatial procedures. [...]