Anth 280 Poster Conference!

Come check out the ANTH 280 (Intro to GIS) poster conference this Wednesday from 3-5pm in Buttrick 202. Full details can be found here!

- lek

Important notes for first time login after the reimaging

-The first login will take a long time, since Windows has to create your user profile -Likewise, the first time you run any program, it will take a long time to run, because the program has to create registry keys and other first time operations. On subsequent runs (either in the same session or in [...]

Other software updates

With the reimaging, all software has been updated. Some significant updates include:

ArcGIS 9.3.1


Office 2007, all updates

We did not update Adobe Creative Suite to version 4, however, since version 3 is highly functional for what most of us do, and the CS4 update was too pricey.

We have also installed [...]

SARL 2.0

Like a mighty Phoenix rising from the ashes (well, not really), SARL is again fully functional, and much improved.

We did a complete rebuild of all systems and the network. David Edwards, systems administrator for the Microcomputer Labs, was instrumental in the process and put many hours of patient and diligent work into this–many thanks, [...]

SARL 2.0

We are finishing up the imaging and should have everything up and running by day\’s end…