Imagery Data Available across campus

This info from Jacob Thornton, GIS coordinator for the library:

Many of you have expressed interested in accessing GIS data that is offered via the site license, and I’m excited to announce its availability on campus. ESRI Data & Maps 9.3 including ‘Data & Maps and Streetmap North America’ and ‘Global Imagery and Shaded Relief, North and South America’ are now available at \\vuesri\\arcimage. Users can add layers from the server directly to a map project, or export any of the data to shapefile or feature class. The shared drive is mapped as Y: in the Garland and Stevenson labs and we plan to expand its availability in the near future. To map the drive to your own machine on campus or in a lab:
1.    In Windows Explorer click on Tools\\Map Network Drive
2.    Choose a drive letter and enter  \\vuesri\\arcimage in the Folder box
3.    Click on Connect using a different user name
4.    In the User name field enter vanderbilt\\<vunetid>
5.    In the  Password field enter your ePassword
6.    Click Ok then Finish

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