SARL 2.0

Like a mighty Phoenix rising from the ashes (well, not really), SARL is again fully functional, and much improved.

We did a complete rebuild of all systems and the network.  David Edwards, systems administrator for the Microcomputer Labs, was instrumental in the process and put many hours of patient and diligent work into this–many thanks, David.

Important notes for SARL users:

  • All registered users from before the rebuild are still in the system.  No data has been lost.  If you are not a registered user and are interested in using the lab, email
  • All six workstations are operational.
    • SARL01-SARL04 (the Dell Precision machines) are now running Vista 64 bit OS, and have all the software they did before (ArcINFO, ERDAS Imagine, etc).  They are now booting and running much faster than previously.  The only issue with these machines at present is that they are unable to print to the SARL printer.  David is working on this issue and it should be fixed this coming week.
    • SARL05 and SARL06 (the other two machines) are running XP, also with the same software as before (ArcINFO, ERDAS Imagine, etc).
  • The login process on all machines is the same as before: VUNet ID and password.  The first time you log in on a given machine each week, it will take a bit longer (around 4 minutes) but each time you log on that machine that week thereafter, it will boot in about 3 minutes.
  • Important notes re: directories, etc.
    • The desktop you see after you log in is actually located on the server (i.e., it is a folder stored with your user profile on the server), so if you save things to your desktop, they will not be deleted–they will be there the next time you log in.
    • Your data folder is inside the My Documents folder inside your profile folder on the server.  This still maps to drive R; however, the paths to your data may have changed because we had to change the directory structure slightly.  If you have the red exclamation points next to your layers in ArcMap, right click on that layer, and go to Data>Repair Data Source and browse to the corresponding data.  Also, make sure to save relative paths to your data (the default), not absolute links (this is in the Document Properties dialog box > Data Source Options).
    • If you map to your folder from on campus (or off-campus, using VPN), the path has changed.  Map to: \\\\Users\\yourusername
    • If the black DOS box that runs a script to create your folders hangs when you log in, enter \”y\” (for yes, without the quotations) and enter, and it should run through the script.  This is pretty rare, but does happen occasionally.  If you don\’t enter \”y\”, it won\’t create your directory on that login, so make sure to do this (it asks you to hit y or n).
  • Gerson Levi-Mendes is the SARL TA.  The role of the TA in the lab is now more focused on providing consultation to users.  So there is now limited technical support through Gerson.  His hours are Monday and Wednesday 2:00-4:00 or by appointment.
  • We are now producing the documentation and revised user guide.  It will be posted to the website and in the lab.
  • We could not migrate the user-list from the old user forum to the new one.  So if you want to participate in this forum, please write us at and we\’ll get you signed up.

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