Access and Hours of Use

SARL is located in Room 10 Garland Hall (basement level).  The SARL door will be locked at all times.  Access to the lab will be available by requesting the key from the administrative staff in the office of the Department of Anthropology during business hours (124 Garland Hall, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm).  Professors and research staff with special needs to access the lab during off-hours may be issued a key, with approval by the SARL committee.

General Use Policy

SARL is intended for use as an advanced GIS lab and production facility.  It is not a general computer lab for word processing or other basic computing.  The large monitors and HDTV in the lab are also intended for collaborative work.

User Community

SARL is intended for use by faculty, research staff, and advanced graduate students.  To request a lab user account, email SARL.

Acknowledgments Request

Users of SARL are asked to acknowledge SARL in presented or published works, and to submit copies of presentations and publications to SARL.

User Accounts

Each user will be issued a password-protected account and storage on the server.  Space on the server will be issued on an as-needed basis.  Most accounts should not exceed 10 GB, although larger allotments are possible for those with especially large imagery or other databases.

For security, user accounts will not have full administrative use rights to local workstations.  Users who require specialized extensions or other software (e.g. free extensions or scripts that require download and installation as .exe files) may contact Dr. Wernke to facilitate installation.

Data Security and Backups

All data on the SARL server are mirrored (bit-level copies of all data exist in real-time using RAID).  Daily backups are performed by ACCRE.  However, SARL assumes no responsibility for long-term data integrity, and users are encouraged to back up and archive their data to personal external drives, optical media, etc.

Technical Support

As SARL is designed for advanced users, SARL is designed to be self-regulating.  There is no technical support available after your user account is established.

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