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Speaking for the Humanities: Celebrating 25 Years

25th Anniversary

The Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities will mark its 25th anniversary this fall with a series of events to be held September 19 and September 20. On September 19 at 4:10 PM at Sarratt Cinema we will screen a documentary film highlighting programs and projects sponsored by the Warren Center over the past 25 years. Consisting largely of conversations with scholars who have been very involved at the Warren Center over the course of its institutional life, the film will be a reflection of not only the centrality of the humanities to our campus lives but also will demonstrate the centrality of the humanities in our world.

On Friday, September 20 a series of panels exploring ways that discourse in the humanities has changed over the past 25 years will be featured at the First Amendment Center. Panel members are all former William S. Vaughn Visiting Fellows at the Warren Center. Panels and panelists will include "Theory and Culture" with Susan Hegeman (English, University of Florida), Anne Morey (English, Texas A&M University), Arkady Plotnitsky (English, Purdue University), and Maurice Stevens (comparative studies, the Ohio State University); "Globalization and Diaspora" with Deborah Cohn (Spanish, Indiana University Bloomington), Nihad Farooq (American Studies, Georgia Technical Institute), Sharryn Kasmir (anthropology, Hofstra University), and Jemima Pierre (African American and Diaspora Studies, Vanderbilt University); "Media and Technology" with Leo Coleman (comparative studies, the Ohio State University), Cara Finnegan (communication studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Richard Grusin (English, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee), and Stephen Rachman (English, Michigan State University); and "Gender, Sexuality, and Race" with Jean Feerick (English, John Carroll University), Gilbert Herdt (anthropology, San Francisco State University), Richard King (history, University of Nottingham), and Benita Roth (sociology, State University of New York at Binghamton).

Please check our website for more details about the program.