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2011/2012 Warren Center Graduate Student Fellows Lecture Series

2011-2012 Warren Center Graduate Student Fellows
2011/2012 Warren Center Graduate Student Fellows pictured from left to right:
Tara E. Plunkett, William L. Bishop, Diana E. Bellonby, Matthew L. Eatough,
Anna-Lisa Halling, Matthew E. Duquès, Alison Suen, Joanna M. Mazurska,
and Robert J. Watson.

Now in its sixth year, the Warren Center's annual Graduate Student Fellows Program currently sponsors eight outstanding Vanderbilt graduate students in the humanities and qualitative social sciences in a year-long fellowship
program. These awards are designed to support innovation and excellence in graduate student research and allow the students a service-free year of support to enable full-time work on the dissertation. It is expected that students who
receive this award will complete the dissertation during the fellowship term. Additionally, one graduate student from Queen's University in Belfast is selected to participate in the Graduate Student Fellows Program.

As part of their affiliation with the Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities, Fellows are integrated into the center's interdisciplinary scholarly community through participation in a weekly seminar, occasional seminars with visiting speakers, and special events. The capstone of the fellowship is the delivery of a public lecture during the spring term. The Graduate Student Fellows Lecture Series is an intellectually invigorating time at the Warren Center and we encourage you to plan to attend one or more of these talks by these outstanding young scholars.

Following is the schedule for this year's talks which will all take place at 4:10 p.m. in the Warren Center's conference room. Lecture titles will be posted soon on the Warren Center's website; the listing below includes the titles of the Fellows' dissertations.

Alison Suen, Ethel Mae Wilson Fellow
Department of Philosophy
"Refusing to Speak: The Limits of Representation in Animal Advocacy"

Tara E. Plunkett
Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Queen’s University (Belfast)
"'Por eso se han muerto': Gender Ambiguity and Martyrdom in Federico García Lorca's Experimental Prose Poems (1927-28) and Contemporary Illustrations"

Tuesday, April 10
Diana E. Bellonby, Elizabeth E. Fleming Fellow
Department of English
"Magic Portraits: A Secret History of the Aesthetic Movement"

William L. Bishop
Department of History
"America and the Search for Zimbabwean Independence"

Anna-Lisa Halling, Joe and Mary Harper Fellow
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
"The Cloistered Stage: Early Modern Convent Theater in Spain and Portugal"

Robert J. Watson
Department of French and Italian
"Shared Histories, Interdependent Memories: Screening Jewish-Arab Nostalgia in
France and North Africa"

Matthew E. Duquès, American Studies Fellow
Department of English
"'To a Certain Degree': Northern Education Reform and Early U.S. Literature"

Matthew L. Eatough
Department of English
"Feeling Modern, Again: On J.M. Coetzee and Semiperipheral World-Systems"

Joanna M. Mazurska, George J. Graham Jr. Fellow
Department of History
"'To be Polish or to be a poet?': The Politics of Poetry in Czesław Miłosz's
Dialogue with His Polish Audience" 

*(Please note date change)