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2012-2013 Warren Center Graduate Student Fellows Lecture Series

 2012 2013 Graduate Fellows

2012/2013 Warren Center Graduate Student Fellows. From left: Caroline L. Hovanec, G. Cory Duclos, Jennifer A. Vogt, Elizabeth S. Barnett, Paddy M. McQueen, Michael J. Alijewicz, Lara L. Giordano. Not pictured: Rosie M. Seagraves.

Now in its seventh year, the Warren Center's annual Graduate Student Fellows Program currently sponsors seven outstanding Vanderbilt graduate students in the humanities and qualitative social sciences in a year-long fellowship program. These awards are designed to support innovation and excellence in graduate student research and allow the students a service-free year of support to enable full-time work on the dissertation. It is expected that students who receive this award will complete the dissertation during the fellowship term. Additionally, one graduate student from Queen's University in Belfast is selected to participate in the Graduate Student Fellows Program.
As part of their affiliation with the Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities, Fellows are integrated into the center's interdisciplinary scholarly community through participation in a weekly seminar, occasional seminars with visiting speakers, and special events. The capstone of the fellowship is the delivery of a public lecture during the spring term. The Graduate Student Fellows Lecture Series is an intellectually invigorating time at the Warren Center and we encourage you to plan to attend one or more of these talks by these outstanding young scholars.

Following is the schedule for this year's talks which will all take place at 4:10 p.m. in the Warren Center's conference room.

Tuesday, March 12

Paddy M. McQueen
Department of Philosophy, Queen's University (Belfast)
"The Struggle for Subjectivity: Reognition and the Politics of Gender"

Friday, March 15

Rosie M. Seagraves, Joe and Mary Harper Fellow Department of Spanish and Portuguese
"She as He: Cross-Dressing, Theater, and 'In-Betweens' in Early Modern Spain"

Tuesday, March 26

G. Cory Duclos
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
"Fighting from the Margins: Discourse, Subversion, and Realism in Early Modern Spanish Narrative"

Tuesday, April 2

Caroline L. Hovanec, Elizabeth E. Fleming Fellow
Department of English
"Zoological Modernism: Literature, Science, and Animals, 1895-1933"

Monday, April 15

Michael J. Alijewicz
Department of English
"'Nothing Is but What Is Not': Planning and Narrative in Early Modern England"

Wednesday, April 17

Elizabeth S. Barnett, American Studies Fellow
Department of English
"A 'Curiously Irreconcilable Inheritance': Lynn Riggs and the Possibilities of Queer Allusion"

Tuesday, April 23

Jennifer A. Vogt
Department of Anthropology
"Respecting the Competition: Artisans, Development, and Cooperative Practices in Peruvian Andes"

Thursday, May 2

Lara L. Giordano, George J. Graham Jr. Fellow
Department of Philosophy
"Redemptive Criticism: Sigmund Freud, Walter Benjamin, Stanley Cavell, and Democratic Culture"