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Graduate Student Led Seminars

2018/2019 Application Guidelines

Application deadline: August 1, 2018


Each year, the Warren Center will fund up to four interdisciplinary seminars focused on a particular field or area of study led by Vanderbilt University graduate students who are engaged in humanistic inquiry. These seminars provide opportunities for graduate students from a variety of disciplinary fields to meet together to discuss their own research projects or to read and discuss the work of others. It is anticipated that funded seminars will meet at least three times each semester. Recently funded graduate student seminars have examined topics such as “Derrida’s The Beast and the Sovereign,” “Race, Gender and Spaces of Global Capitalism,” and “Literature, Medicine, and Society.”

Graduate students who wish to propose seminars are required to submit a proposal of one to two pages in which they explain the topic of study and its importance to the scholarly community. Co-direction, especially by colleagues from different disciplines, is desirable. The curricula vitae of the two proposers should also be included with the application.  The proposal should emphasize the ways in which the topic is interdisciplinary and the departments from which it would seem that participants will be drawn. Included in the narrative should be some commentary regarding ways in which the group may make use of the $3,000 budget that is allocated for funded year-long seminars. Examples of appropriate expenditures include speakers, symposia, group projects, books, or other research-related materials for the seminar. It is understood that these are preliminary thoughts regarding the budget, since the exact direction of the seminar will not be determined until the group has been convened. Coordinators who wish to propose a seminar for only one semester should include similar comments regarding a budget of up to $1,500. If the seminar is selected for funding, the co-proposers will assume administrative responsibility for that seminar. All actual seminar expenditures during the course of the seminar meetings must be pre-approved by a member of the Warren Center’s staff.

Before the beginning of the fall term, seminar coordinators for the selected seminars will communicate with the Warren Center to set up meeting times for the seminar. Demands for use of the Warren Center’s seminar room are high; the earlier dates are set, the more options will be available to that group. The Warren Center will not survey seminar participants or expected participants to find meeting times; this is the job of the seminar coordinators. Seminar activities will be listed in the Warren Center’s widely circulated fall and spring memos, as well as on the Center’s website. 

If a seminar has met previously under the auspices of the Warren Center and wishes to continue for another year, the conveners will be required to submit a new proposal for the coming academic year.

Applications are reviewed by the Warren Center Director and Executive Director.   Deadline for applications for the 2018-2019 academic year will be August 1, 2018 . Please email your proposals to Patrick Artus.  Please feel free to be in touch about any questions you may have about co-directing a Warren Center seminar or about the process of application.