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Graduate Student Fellows

2015/2016 Graduate Student Fellows 

Grad Student Fellows 2015-16

Left to right: Jonathan Coley, Petal Samuel, Faith Barter, Steven Wenz, Michell Chresfield,
Alexander Jacobs (not pictured: Michelle O'Loughlin and Sandra Skene)


Faith E. Barter
American Studies Fellow
"Human Rites: Deciphering Legal and Literary Personhood, 1830-1860"
Department of English

Michell Chresfield
"Problem and Promise: Scientific Experts and the 'Mixed-Blood' in the Modern U.S., 1870-1970"
Department of History

Jonathan Coley
"Varieties of Activism: Pathways of Participation among LGBT Religious Activists"
Department of Sociology

Alexander Jacobs
George J. Graham, Jr. Fellow
"Enlightenment Projects: The Age of Reason and the Politics of Disenchantment in Postwar
American Thought"
Department of History

Michelle O'Loughlin
"A Cognitive Approach to Audio Description"
School of Modern Languages, Queen's University Belfast

Petal Samuel
Elizabeth E. Fleming Fellow
"'Timing to Descant': Sonic Temporalities of Slavery in Caribbean and U.S. American Literature"
Department of English

Sandra Skene
"Transatlantic Narratives on Overcoming Epistemic Injustice: On the Roles of Imagination and Remembrance in Forming Epistemic Agency"
Department of Philosophy

Steven Wenz
Joe and Mary Harper Fellow
"National Identity in Contemporary Argentine Culture"
Department of Spanish and Portuguese



Graduate Student Fellows, 2006-2015