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Graduate Student Fellows


Stacy Clifford, George J. Graham Jr. Fellow
Department of Political Science
“Indespensable Idiocy: The History of Cognitive Disability within Political Theory”

Elizabeth Covington, Elizabeth E. Fleming Fellow
Department of English
“Reclaiming Memory: Literature, Science and the Rise of Memory as Property, 1860-1945”

Christina Dickerson
Department of History
“Diplomats, Soldiers, and Slaveholders: The Coulon de Villiers Family in New France, 1700-1763”

Jennifer Foley
Department of Anthropology
“When Worlds Collide: Examining the Effects of Cross-Cultural Interaction on Ancient Maya Identity and Community"

Sarah Glynn, American Studies Fellow
Department of Sociology
“You Think It, They Ink It: Narratives and Identity Formation in Tattooing Service Counters”

Clive Hunter, Queen's University, Belfast
Department of French and Italian
Masculinites francophones: An Exploration of Textual Performances of Gender in Contemporary Men's Fiction in French”

Jason Parker, Joe and Mary Harper Fellow
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
“From Page to Stage: The Rise of Print Journalism, the Birth of the Modern Spectator, and the Transformation of the Spanish Stage”

Sarah Tyson, Ethel Mae Wilson Fellow
Department of Philosophy
“Models of Engagement: Genevieve Lloyd, Luce Irigaray, Michele Le Doeuff and the History of Philosophy”

Elizabeth Zagatta
Department of Religion
“The Reclamation of Sexual Pleasure in Christian Ethics and Pastoral Theology”


Previous Fellowship Cohorts

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