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2018-19 Graduate Student Fellows

2018-19 Graduate Student Fellows

(Left to right: Sarah M. Gorman, Kadiri J. Vaquer Fernández, Lauren A. Mitchell, Emma L. Banks,  
Iyaxel Cojti Ren, Katherine R. McKenna, and Amaryah S. Armstrong)


Amaryah S. Armstrong
American Studies Fellow
“Blackness and the Problem of Belonging: Political Theological Readings of the Family”
Department of Religion


Emma L. Banks
“Mining at the Margins: Afro-Descendant and Indigenous Struggles for Sovereignty and Resettlement at a Colombian Coal Mine”
Department of Anthropology


Iyaxel Cojti Ren
“The Emergence of the Ancient Kaqchikel Political Unit: A Case of Ethnogenesis in Guatemalan Highlands”
Department of Anthropology


Sarah M. Gorman
George J. Graham, Jr. Fellow
“The Role of Waste in Modern Philosophy”
Department of Philosophy


Katherine R. McKenna
“Breaking Silence: Women’s Radicalization of the Querelle des Femmes in Venice, 1550-1650”
Department of History


Lauren A. Mitchell
Elizabeth E. Fleming Fellow
“Performing Surgery: Alienating Aesthetics and the Medical Imagination”
Department of English


Kadiri J. Vaquer Fernández
Joe and Mary Harper Fellow
“The Strategy of Provocation: Political and Sexual Provocations in Puerto Rican Cultural Production”
Department of Spanish and Portuguese


Graduate Student Fellows, 2006-2017