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2010/2011 Warren Center
Graduate Student Fellows Lecture Series

Now in its fifth year, the Warren Center’s annual Graduate Student Fellows Program currently sponsors eight outstanding Vanderbilt graduate students in the humanities and qualitative social sciences in a yearlong fellowship program. These awards are designed to support innovation and excellence in graduate student research and allow the students a service-free year of support to enable full-time work on the dissertation. It is expected that students who receive this award will complete the dissertation during the fellowship term. Additionally, one graduate student from Queen’s University in Belfast is selected to participate in the Graduate Student Fellows Program.

As part of their affiliation with the Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities, Fellows are integrated into the center’s interdisciplinary scholarly community through participation in a weekly seminar, occasional seminars with visiting speakers, and special events. The capstone of the fellowship is the delivery of a public lecture during the spring term. The Graduate Student Fellows Lecture Series is an intellectually invigorating time at the Warren Center and we encourage you to plan to attend one or more of these talks by these outstanding young scholars.

?March 23
Christina Dickerson
Department of History
“A Death in the Woods: The Infamous Jumonville Affair of 1754”

March 28
Sarah Tyson,
Ethel Mae Wilson Fellow
Department of Philosophy
“Can Diotima Be Reclaimed? The Problem of Women in the History of Philosophy”

April 5
Stacy Clifford,
George J. Graham, Jr., Fellow
Department of Political Science
“Indispensable Idiocy: Social Contract Theory and Cognitive Disability”

April 8
Jason Parker
, Joe and Mary Harper Fellow
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
“’¿Qué dirá mañana esa Prensa canalla?’: Ramón del Valle-Inclán’s
Theatrical Critique of Mass Media”

April 14
Elizabeth Covington
, Elizabeth E. Fleming Fellow
Department of English
“Memories Bought, Sold, and Stolen: The War Between Literature and
Science for Control of the Past”

April 18
Jennifer Foley

Department of Anthropology
“Ancient Maya Identity and Imagined Community at La Sufricaya, Guatemala”

April 20
Elizabeth Zagatta

Department of Religion
“The Potential and Peril of Pleasure in Christian Sexual Ethics”

April 25
Sarah Glynn, American Studies Fellow
Department of Sociology
“‘I am tattooed therefore I am’: Meaning Making in the Tattoo Encounter”

April 27
Clive Hunter, Queen’s University (Belfast)
Department of French,
“Troping Legba: Dany Laferrière and the Politics of Polyrhythm”

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