Spring 2007, Vol. 15, No. 2 (requires Adobe Acrobat)

Fellows Organize Pre-Modern Race and
Sexuality Symposium at Newberry Library

Members of the 2005-2006 Warren Center Fellows Program on "Pre-Modern Others: Race and Sexuality" are planning a one-day symposium to be held at the Newberry Library in Chicago on March 30, 2007. The symposium is co-sponsored by the library's Renaissance Consortium and by the Warren Center. The conference, entitled "Pre-Modern Race and Sexuality," will consist of four sessions:

Leah S. Marcus, English, Vanderbilt University
Holly Tucker, French, Vanderbilt University

  Opening Remarks by Houston Baker, English, Vanderbilt University
  Session I: Race and Racism in the European Middle Ages
    Speakers: David Nirenberg, Committee on Social Thought, University of Chicago
Geraldine Heng, English, University of Texas
  Moderator: Lynn Ramey, French, Vanderbilt University
  Session II: Issues in Pre-Modern Sexuality
Dyan Elliott, History, Northwestern University
Katherine Crawford, History, Vanderbilt University
  Moderator: Lynn Enterline, English, Vanderbilt University
  Session III: Early Modern Race, Colonization, and the Americas
Kim Hall, English, Fordham University
Carlos Jauregui, Spanish, Vanderbilt University
  Moderator: Jean Feerick, English, Brown University
  Session IV: Theorizing Race and Sexuality

Jeffrey Masten, English, Northwestern University
Margo Hendricks, Literature, UC Santa Cruz
Francesca Royster, English, De Paul University

    Moderator: Kathryn Schwarz, English, Vanderbilt University
  Closing remarks by David Wasserstein, History, Vanderbilt University

The Newberry Library, Chicago

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