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Gender, Sexuality, and Cultural Politics: A Graduate Colloquium

The Warren Center, the Graduate School, and the Departments of English and Philosophy are sponsoring an interdisciplinary graduate student conference on gender, sexuality, and cultural politics to be held April 18–19, 2003, at the Wyatt Center on Vanderbilt’s Peabody campus. The conference is co-directed by graduate students Jennifer Bird-Pollan (philosophy) and Tisha Kamlay (English). The symposium will complement this year’s faculty fellows program on the same theme at the Warren Center.

Graduate students from multiple universities representing a variety of disciplines will present papers at the conference. In addition, keynote addresses will be delivered by Lisa Duggan, the 2002/2003 William S. Vaughn Visiting Fellow at the Warren Center and associate professor of history and American studies at New York University, and Uma Narayan, associate professor of philosophy and director of the Women’s Studies Program at Vassar College.

This is the second year that the Warren Center has played a central role in sponsoring a graduate student symposium linked to the theme of the annual fellows program. Last spring’s conference, entitled “Limits of the Past: The Human Sciences and the Turn to Memory” brought thirty-eight junior scholars from twenty-eight research universities to Vanderbilt for the two-day conference. Richard King, the 2001/2002 William S. Vaughn Visiting Fellow and professor of history at the University of Nottingham, and Liliana Weissberg, the Joseph B. Glossberg Term Chair in the Humanities at the University of Pennsylvania, presented keynote addresses.

Further information on this year’s program will be available on the Warren Center’s website during the spring semester.

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