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Spring 2002, Vol. 10, No. 2 (requires Adobe Acrobat)
  • Reflections on Memory, Identity, and Political Action
  • Creamed and Molded
  • Nancy A. Walker Lecture and Humor Symposium
  • Race and Wealth Disparity in 21st Century America
  • Robert Penn Warren Lecture on Southern Letters: David Levering Lewis
  • Gender and Sexuality Lecture Series
  • Rethinking the Americas: Crossing Borders and Disciplines
  • Schedule of Events
  • Limits of the Past, an Interdisciplinary Graduate Colloquium

  • Rethinking the Americas: Crossing Borders and Disciplines

    The 2000/01 Warren Center Fellows are hosting a conference April 4th through April 6th at Vanderbilt University entitled “Rethinking the Americas: Crossing Borders and Disciplines.” The program will be the culminating activity of their fellows program year, during which the participants examined the theme “Rediscovering the New World: Exploring Lines of Contact among the Americas and within the United States.” Fellows met weekly at the Warren Center and considered the various ways in which the cultures of North, Central, and South America have been defined, particularly since the beginning of the nineteenth century. Their cross-disciplinary deliberations considered the Americas as a single entity, identifying different cultural formations that have taken shape and considering their social and political implications for the present and future. The 2000/01 Fellows Program was co-directed by Earl E. Fitz, professor of Spanish and Portuguese and director of the program in comparative literature; Cathy L. Jrade, professor and chair of Spanish and Portuguese; and William Luis, professor of Spanish and professor of English.

    Conference participants include members of the 2000/01 Fellows Program, as well as additional members of the Vanderbilt University faculty and guest speakers from other institutions. All sessions of the conference will be held in room 189 of the Sarratt Student Center. More detailed information about the program will be distributed later in the semester. .

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