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  • Deconstructing Nature
  • John K. Roth Named Consultant to the 1999/2000 Holocaust Program
  • Kathleen Hall Jamieson to Present the 1999 Harry C. Howard Jr. Lecture
  • Inventing Work Conference
  • 2000/20001 Fellows Program
  • 1999/2000 Fellows
  • Second Annual Robert Penn Warren Lecture on Southern Letters: Reynolds Price

  • Inventing Work Conference

    The 1998/1999 Fellows of the Warren Center have organized a conference entitled "Inventing Work" to be held at Vanderbilt University on October 22 and 23, 1999. The conference is a culmination of last year's weekly seminar meetings, in which the Fellows examined the world of work, concepts of work, and different meanings of work from a broadly interdisciplinary perspective.
    Four visiting speakers will present papers at the conference sessions. The visiting scholars are Marjorie Garber, director of the Center for Literary and Cultural Studies and professor of English at Harvard Univeristy; Sharryn Kasmir, assistant professor of anthropology at Hofstra University; Peter Kwong, director of Asian-American Studies at Hunter College of the City University of New York; and Ara Wilson, assistant professor of women's studies at Ohio State University. Professor Garber's talk will be entitled "Make-Work," while Professor Kasmir will speak on "The Saturn Corporation and the Production of Post-Fordism." Professor Kwong will address the topic of "Chinese Immigrants and American Labor," and Professor Wilson will speak on "Remapping Sex Work in the Age of Globalization."
    Members of the "Inventing Work" Fellows Program from Vanderbilt were Bruce Barry (Owen Graduate School of Management); Karen E. Campbell (sociology); Daniel B. Cornfield (sociology); Laura A. McDaniel (history); Mark L. Schoenfield (English); Kathryn Schwarz (English); John M. Sloop (communication studies); Helmut W. Smith (history); and Ronnie J. Steinberg (sociology and women's studies). Professor Kasmir was the William J. Vaughn Visiting Fellow at the Warren Center during the year-long program.
    Please contact the Warren Center for more information about the conference sessions.

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