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    2011/2012 Warren Center Fellowship Opportunities

    The Warren Center will sponsor two fellowship programs in the 2011/2012 academic year: one for faculty members and one for Vanderbilt University graduate students.
    The 2011/2012 Faculty Fellows Program will be co-directed by John Janusek (anthropology), Tracy Miller (history of art), and Betsey Robinson (history of art). The year-long interdisciplinary faculty seminar titled “Sacred Ecology: Landscape Transformations for Ritual Practice” will explore the manifold experiences of complex ritual sites around the world and across all periods of history. Sacred ecology refers to the human experience of divinity in relation to the natural environment, real or represented. Landscape is construed not simply as scenery, but as a cultural complex in which the natural world and human practice, conceptual and material, are dynamically linked and constantly interacting. An investigation of landscapes may focus on pastoral or picturesque scenes, earthly elements and celestial movements, or constructed places and objects, such as a temple, altar, or stage. The co-directors are also interested in exploring the temporal rhythms of human-landscape relations, whether regular or periodic, as well as the way in which transformations of space through activities enacted at sacred sites are received and replicated to encode other sacred spaces.

    The seminar’s investigations of setting, nature, and monuments will offer a chance to revisit sacred places and to see them in a new light. The intentionally broad definition leaves room for participants to introduce new topics to the table, such as (but not limited to): the practicalities of survey and excavation and the mapping of ritual; the natural landscape and its representation in words and images; geomorphology and its influence on planning and architectural design; the modification and improvement of natural features to accommodate human ritual; poetry and performance, whether on-site or at remote venues; or the visualization of landscape as a means of facilitating ecstatic experience.

    The Warren Center will sponsor a visiting fellow with expertise in the area of study, in addition to selected members of the Vanderbilt faculty. Information regarding the internal and external application process can be obtained from the Warren Center or its website, www.vanderbilt.edu/rpw_center.

    The Warren Center will also sponsor an interdisciplinary year-long Graduate Student Fellows Program. Vanderbilt University graduate students in the traditional humanities departments or those whose work is of a humanistic nature are invited to apply for the dissertation-completion fellowships. The fellowship provides a stipend as well as a modest research fund. Students are not allowed to hold any other form of employment during the term of the fellowship. Graduate Student Fellows are expected to complete and defend their dissertations before the start of the next academic year.

    The Graduate Student Fellows will meet in weekly seminars at the Warren Center, giving presentations from their work to the seminar and discussing texts of common interest. The Warren Center will also arrange for a number of visiting speakers to meet with the seminar during the year to provide opportunities for discussion of issues pertinent to scholarly life, such as the art of writing, successful strategies for publication, funding opportunities, grant writing, and workshops on delivering academic presentations. Each Warren Center Graduate Student Fellow will give a public
    lecture in the spring term. Fellows will also be expected to be active participants in the
    life of the Warren Center during their fellowship year.

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    For more information, contact the Center's executive director, Mona C. Frederick.

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