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Black Europe: Diasporic Research in/on Europe

Giulia de Medici

The Warren Center is pleased to announce that the capstone project of the 2007-2008 Faculty Fellows Program is a twelve minute documentary film highlighting their topic of study, "Black Europe: Diasporic Research in/on Europe." The film, written and produced by Lyle Jackson, encapsulates the group's year-long examination of the newly emergent study of the unique experience of people of African descent in Europe. Entitled "Black Europe: African Presence in the Formation of Europe," the piece demonstrates the group's diverse academic fields and approaches to the study of Black Europe, and vibrantly depicts current and historical representations of race, identity, and origins. The debut film screening was held at the Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center on March 18, 2009.

Furthermore, the Warren Center and the Program in African American and Diaspora Studies are very pleased to note that we will be distributing copies of the path-breaking documentary this fall to all high schools in the state of Tennessee, both public and private. We are working closely with Brenda Ables, the Director of Social Studies Support Services at the Tennessee Department of Education, to make this contribution possible. Each school will receive a DVD, as well as access to the film on the state-wide digital library. The film will be made available on Vanderbilt University's iTunes U as well. This contribution to the students and teachers of Tennessee is made possible through the combined resources of the Warren Center and the Program in African American and Diaspora Studies. This has been a rewarding educational collaboration between our two programs and we look forward to future successful collaborations as well.

The 2007-2008 Fellows Program was co-directed by Lucius T. Outlaw, Jr. (philosophy and African American and diaspora studies) and T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting (African American and diaspora studies, women's studies and French). Participants in the 2007-2008 Faculty Fellows group were Devin Fergus (history), Kathryn T. Gines (philosophy and African American and diasporic studies), Catherine A.J. Molineux (history), Ifeoma C.K. Nwankwo (English), and Hortense Spillers (English). The William S. Vaughn Visiting Fellow for the year was Tina Campt (women's studies, Duke University). Visiting speakers who are also featured in the film include Alison Blakely (African American studies, Brown University), Perry Brug (psychology, Saint Mary's University College), Angela Y. Davis (history of consciousness and feminist studies, University of California, Santa Cruz), Trica Keaton (American studies, University of Minnesota), and Jemima Pierre (African American studies, University of Texas).

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