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2003/2004 Fellowships

The 2003/2004 Fellows Program at the Warren Center, “Medicine, Health, and Society,” will be co-directed by Vanderbilt University faculty members Larry Churchill (medical ethics) and Matthew Ramsey (history). The study of medicine, health, and society is one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing areas of interdisciplinary research and teaching today. The year-long seminar will explore how various societies—including our own—have understood, experienced, and responded to disease.

Health-related beliefs and practices are deeply embedded in particular societies and cultures; this observation applies with as much force to modern Western biomedicine as to pre-modern and non-Western medical systems. Such an approach is inherently comparative; the humanities broadly conceived can elucidate the variety of experiences of health and illness, hygiene and medicine, across time and space.

The Warren Center will sponsor a Visiting Fellow with expertise in the area of study, in addition to selected Vanderbilt faculty members. Information regarding the internal and external applications processes can be obtained from the Warren Center.

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