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  • Vanderbilt Alumnus to Present the 2001 Harry C. Howard Jr. Lecture
  • We the People.... The Citizen and the Constitution
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  • Vanderbilt Alumnus to Present the 2001 Harry C. Howard Jr. Lecture

    This year’s Harry C. Howard Jr. Lecture will be presented on Wednesday, October 24th, at 4:10 p.m. in 126 Wilson Hall, by L. Carl Brown, Garrett Professor in Foreign Affairs, Emeritus, at Princeton University and Vanderbilt University alumnus (Class of 1950). The Harry Howard Jr. lecture series was established in 1994 through the endowment of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Nash, Jr. and Mr. and Mrs. George D. Renfro in honor of Harry C. Howard, Jr. (B.A. 1951). While students at Vanderbilt, Professor Brown and Mr. Howard were classmates, as well as fraternity brothers in the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity.
    Professor Brown is a distinguished historian of the modern Near East and North Africa, with special emphasis on the Arab world. His 2001 Howard Lecture is entitled “In Search of the Middle East.” Professor Brown’s most recently authored book, Religion and State: The Muslim Approach to Politics (Columbia University Press, 2000), examines the broadly held notion that there is no separation between religion and politics in Islam. Among his many other publications, Professor Brown is the author of International Politics in the Middle East: Old Rules, Dangerous Game (Princeton University Press, 1984) and editor of Diplomacy in the Middle East: The International Relations of Regional and Outside Powers (New York, I.B. Tauris, 2001).

    After graduating from Vanderbilt, Professor Brown spent a year at the University of Virginia, followed by a year at the London School of Economics on a Fulbright scholarship. In 1953, he entered the Department of State’s Arabic Language and Area studies program and completed tours of duty in Lebanon and Sudan. He entered a doctoral program at Harvard in 1958, receiving his Ph.D. in History and Middle Eastern Studies from Harvard in 1962. He taught at Harvard for four years, moving to Princeton in 1966. Professor Brown retired in 1993, but continues to research and write in the field of the modern political and diplomatic history of the Middle East and North Africa.

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