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The Rhythm & Roots Performance Company (R&R) is an ensemble of talented students dedicated to exploring the use of performance art as an expression of social complexities and as a catalyst for social change. Founded in the fall of 1994, Rhythm & Roots creates its own powerful artistic works that celebrate struggle, transformation and survival.

The group performs its own original choreography and drama pieces. R&R is an avenue for Vanderbilt students to use their theatrical and musical gifts. The Company combines the history, culture and spiritual traditions of African Americans and our African brothers and sisters with contemporary dance, music, and drama. Each voice, each musical note, each precise movement of the body represents the liberty and freedom that can only be truly expressed as art. The dance, music and energy of the students draw us closer to an understanding of the world and of ourselves.

We wish to inspire, uplift and provide hope to today’s youth by bringing people together through the use of the arts as a common bond.