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Moore College

Opened in August 2014, Moore College provides state-of-the art living accommodations inside gothic-style architecture.

It is home to 341 upperclass students in four, five, and six-person suites along with more traditional double and single rooms. Students live on all floors of this six story building. Building residents are encouraged to take advantage of the lounges, study areas, music rooms, conference rooms, common kitchen and laundry facilities. The faculty head of college lives on the fifth floor in an apartment with her family.

Moore College is named in honor of Stanford Moore, a 1935 Vanderbilt graduate who received the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1972.

“My family and I are very excited to be part of the Moore community. I look forward to getting to know and engage with the residents of Moore to further enhance their Vanderbilt experience. My signature weekly event is geared toward fostering cultural awareness and gives Moore residents an opportunity to experience different cultures every week. My monthly dinner allows Moore residents to meet and engage with leaders from the Vanderbilt and broader Nashville community over dinner in the faculty apartment. I also work closely with the Moore College Council to develop a number of programs throughout the year that will foster student connection and engagement, as well as a welcoming and inclusive community.” – Mumin Kurtulus, Faculty Head, Moore College


CosMOOREpolitan: CosMOOREpolitan is the weekly signature event in Moore College. The goal of the program is to take Moore residents on a tour around the world and familiarize them with different cultures. Each week’s event is dedicated to a different culture, wherein residents come together in community to (i) learn about different aspects of the culture such as rituals, social life, common stereotypes, fun facts, and basic language lessons, (ii) taste pastries/snacks/desserts/drinks unique to that culture, or (iii) listen to music, watch a dance show, or a movie unique to that culture.

Faculty Speakers: Each month, Dr. Kurtulus invites a faculty guest to join the residents of Moore College in a discussion on a particular theme, ranging from business to art, innovation, education, and more.

College Leadership

Photo of Mumin Kurtulus

Mumin Kurtulus

Faculty Head

Photo of Marissa McGillis

Marissa McGillis

Program Coordinator

Moore College council

The Moore College Council is comprised of five Vanderbilt student leaders who are residents of Moore, each dedicated to the development of the college community. Working alongside Dr. Kurtulus and gathering input from their fellow residents, the Moore Council generates programs that enrich the learning environment of the college.

2020-2021 Moore College Council

President: Kiara Monette

Public Relations Chair: VACANT

Sophomore Representative: Keaton Allwardt

Junior Representative: VACANT

Senior Representative: Gabrielle Napper

Vanderbilt’s campus is more diverse and dynamic than ever before. With this exciting progress comes a heightened responsibility—and opportunity—to enrich the connections, camaraderie and support among our evolving community. Learn more about how the Residential Colleges system build cross-college community on the Community Building page.

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