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Warren College

"We are so stoked to finish up our time at Vanderbilt as Head Residents of Warren College. We're excited to foster a community that's inclusive for all and truly feels like a second home.”
-Télyse Masaoay and Connor Morency, Head Resident Advisers


Opened in August 2014, Warren College provides state-of-the art living accommodations inside gothic-style architecture. It is home to 319 upperclass students in four, five, and six-person suites along with more traditional double and single rooms. Students live on all floors of this five story building. Building residents are encouraged to take advantage of the lounges, study areas, music rooms, conference rooms, common kitchen and laundry facilities. The faculty head of college lives on the fifth floor in an apartment with his wife, Patricia.

Warren College is named in honor of 1925 Vanderbilt graduate Robert Penn Warren, member of the influential Fugitive poets and the first poet laureate of the United States.

Signature Programs 

Signature programming at Warren College includes the following events: 

  • Fresh Baked Fridays: join faculty head of college, Doug Fisher, and his wife, Patricia, in their faculty apartment for delicious fresh-baked cookies and awesome conversation. 
  • Community Dinners: hosted in the faculty head apartment, these dinners occur throughout the semester and include special guests from the Vanderbilt community alongside lively conversation about various topics of interest to residents.


Warren College CPAC

Elections/appointments to the Warren College Programming and Advisory Council have already occurred. Please check back in the spring for information about the 2019-2020 election/appointment process. For more details ask your RA staff.