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Warren College Council

Warren College Council 2015-16

The 2015-16 Warren College Council

The mission of the Warren College Council will be to serve as a representative body, through appointment and/or election, of Warren College and seek to fulfill the needs of the community. This body will serve as a liaison between residents, staff members, the Warren Faculty Director, and resident advisers.
Warren College Council Constitution

Warren College Council Profiles

The Warren College Council (WCC) is a popularly elected body of residents of Warren College, who are tasked with providing a voice to student concerns to both Warren & Moore and Vanderbilt University administration, and to plan meaningful programs for Warren residents.

Student governance at Warren College involves internal governance and programming, as well as Warren College representation within the larger  Vanderbilt Student Government (VSG),  implemented through a single popularly-elected Senator. The missions of internal-to-Warren governance and external representation are clearly related, but distinct.

In addition to its programming and advocating functions, the Warren College Council can also initiate committees and other working groups, choose methods for selecting the members of these groups from the Warren (and larger) community, convene town hall meetings, and more. For full details on the capabilities and responsibilities of the Council, please visit the Warren College Council Constitution.

Students are encouraged to make their ideas known about Warren College’s future by talking to their council members, their Resident Adviser (RA), their Graduate Fellow (GF) and their Faculty Director during office hours or other times.

Student Governance Structure 

The Warren College Council governance structure includes a five-person Executive Board which is elected in the Spring, and a General Board of members-at-large, which consists of a maximum of five people, and is elected in the Fall. The Executive Board is comprised of a Council Chair, Programming Chair, Finance Chair, Public Relations Chair, and Communications Chair. The Warren College Vanderbilt Student Government Senator is also a sitting and voting member of the Council, bringing the total potential number of council members to 11.

The Council is convened weekly by the Council Chair and is advised by the College’s Graduate Fellows and Head Residents. The GFs and HRs are ex officio, non-voting members of the council, who provide input on logistics, budget, and policy.