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CommunityCommunity starts with 1,600 first-year students living together in one central location—but it continues in every Vanderbilt Visions group, throughout the upper-division residential colleges, and most importantly, with the understanding that we are all part of the same university.

All first-year students begin their time at Vanderbilt the same way—by taking the journey from The Ingram Commons to Alumni Lawn during Founders Walk on Move-In Weekend. From there, intentional programming at all levels of The Commons—from the whole class to each floor—seeks to ensure that students not only embrace the diversity of the university community, but also develop cognizance of their individual role in creating a supportive environment. Students are not just participants in this community; they also actively create its diversity, inclusion, and ongoing dialogue. This spirit of collaboration is reinforced and expanded in the upper-division residential colleges as second-, third-, and fourth-year students live together in community.