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Photo of Catherine McTamaney

Catherine McTamaney

Faculty Head
The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons
Crawford House

An award-winning teacher and writer, Associate Professor of the Practice, and Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Teaching and Learning, Professor McTamaney works primarily with undergraduates in Peabody’s teacher licensure programs, focusing on the social and political context of public education and the integration of education and the arts. In addition to her teaching at Vanderbilt, she is the author of two books on Montessori education and compassionate teaching, a text on children’s development through the arts, and the daily teaching and parenting blog, Montessori Daoshi. Dr. McTamaney was a member of the Social Computing Group at the MIT Media Lab, where she helped to found The Wildflower Schools Project. She was honored in 2018 to receive the David Schleyer Faculty Award for Peabody College, recognizing outstanding student mentoring in the college. McTam is a “Triple Dore,” having earned her BS, MEd, and EdD from Peabody College. She lives in Crawford House with her two children, Che and Timberlake, and some combination of her three dogs, Meg, Squeak, and Clementine.