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Living Learning Communities

McTyeire International House, one of the LLCs on campus.

"I have wanted to live on campus with students since they first began such programs at Vandy. I feel energized by the students here and never tire of hearing their stories about their lives. When I hear people complaining about “today’s youth,” I often tell them, “If you think the world is in trouble, come to one of my classes or come to McGill. Your hope in the future will be restored.” I feel so blessed to be a part of the McGill community and to live on this beautiful campus."

-Dr. Laurie Woods, Faculty Member in Residence, The McGill Project

Vanderbilt’s Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are a unique arm of the College Halls Program. LLCs provide opportunities for students with similar educational interests to live together in residence halls offering structured learning environments. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors currently have the option of living in one of three Living Learning Communities: The McGill Project, McTyeire International House, or The Mayfield Experience. Students in each Living Learning Community benefit from the mentorship and expertise of a Vanderbilt faculty member:
 Program Director (McTyeire) a Faculty Member in Residence (McGill), or a Faculty Adviser (Mayfield). 

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