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Sutherland House

Sutherland House is named for Earl W. Sutherland Jr., a Nobel Prize winner and professor of physiology at Vanderbilt from 1963 until his death in 1974.

He was born in Kansas in 1915 into a family of modest means. In order to pay for his college tuition, Sutherland worked all four years as a medical staff assistant at a local hospital. He received the Nobel Prize in 1971 for his discoveries concerning the mechanisms of the actions of hormones. His work has helped researchers today understand how various hormones affect important functions within organisms.


Signature programming at Sutherland House includes the following events:

  • Faculty Salons:You’re invited to join Professor Warren for intentional conversations centering around art and its relationship to activism and social justice. Be on the lookout for Professor Warren’s email invitations, and let him know if you have any ideas for a faculty guest.
  • Sutherland Socials: From game nights, concerts, trivia games, and talent shows, movie-watching parties, and craft nights, Sutherland House honors the importance of a study break during their Sutherland Socials. Come enjoy delicious treats and hang out with your fellow residents.

House Leadership

House Programming Advisory Council

The Sutherland House Programming Advisory Council (HPAC) is comprised of four Vanderbilt student leaders who are residents of Sutherland, each dedicated to the development of the house community. Working alongside the faculty head of house and gathering input from their fellow residents, the Sutherland HPAC generates programs that enrich the learning environment of the house.

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