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Murray House

“I am delighted to serve as Faculty Head of Murray House! I look forward to meeting all of my new Murray students – we’ll all be able to recognize one another by our Murray masks!”

-Dr. Hasty, Faculty Head of House

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Signature programming at Murray House includes the following events:

  • Murray Munchies will still be our signature event, with different Murray student’s highlighted virtually each week. We will use Zoom to break up into smaller groups and get to know more about one another. “Foods from home” will still be the catalyst for storytelling and sharing in one another’s definition of home
  • Faculty Guests: Dr. Hasty will host important guests from around campus and the Nashville community to have small group virtual discussions.  Be sure to sign up for one of these when you receive an email from Dr. Hasty. Also, if you have suggestions of faculty members you would like her to ask, please let her know.
  • Murray Interest Groups: We will facilitate the generation of smaller interest groups for our Murray students. Let us know what interests you and we will help you partner up with others who share your interest. Is it yoga, knitting, gaming, slack lining, jigsaw puzzles? There are so many ways we can still connect and build our community!


  • Murray House residents have the opportunity to participate in a Murray Fellows program with the Susan Gray School, a nationally recognized inclusive pre-school that educates both children with developmental disabilities alongside children developing normally.

House Leadership

House Programming & Advisory Council

Elections/appointments to the House Programming & Advisory Council occur in late August and early September. For more details ask your RA staff or email Program Coordinator Aimee Robinson.