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Hank Ingram House

Hank Ingram House is named for Orrin Henry (“Hank”) Ingram Sr.

Born in Wisconsin in 1904, he moved to Nashville where he established himself as a successful businessman and philanthropist. He served as vice president of the Vanderbilt Board of Trust from 1952 until his death in 1963. His passion for the university inspired his children and their families to build upon his legacy and play key roles in Vanderbilt’s future.

“Welcome to Hank House! We are so excited to engage with you in your new home! Despite being the most heavily populated house, Hank has a variety of programming that is sure to make our community feel small and intimate. We also strive to ensure your first year will be as enjoyable as many of us remember it as! Our wonderful staff of 10 resident advisers and our faculty head of house are ready to make Hank your new home away from home!”


Signature programming at Hank Ingram House includes the following events:

  • Hankerings: Each week come hang out with your fellow residents and enjoy delicious food and good times!
  • Guest Faculty Dinners: Professor Barth regularly invites special guests into the house for dinner and lively conversation.

House Leadership

House Programming Advisory Council

The Hank Ingram House Programming Advisory Council (HPAC) is comprised of four Vanderbilt student leaders who are residents of Hank Ingram, each dedicated to the development of the house community. Working alongside the faculty head of house and gathering input from their fellow residents, the Hank Ingram HPAC generates programs that enrich the learning environment of the house.

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