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Crawford House

“Welcome to Crawford House- your home away from home! Living in Crawford is all aboutembracing your inner child. Get ready to experience some healthy competition between the floors through our semesterly Crawford Cup competition, and I guarantee you that by the time you leave, you will have an abundance of Crawford swag! In everything that we do, we strive to foster community by creating an inclusive and accepting environment. We are so excited to create meaningful and long-lasting relationships with our newest Crawfish!”
-Alysia Green, Head Resident Adviser

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Signature Programs

Signature programming at Crawford House includes the following events:

  • Crawford PlayDates are weekly socials to build and foster relationships among residents in the House.
  • Divergent Dinners are monthly events in which individuals whose work is strengthened by creative or divergent thinking join residents for dinner to discuss why they do what they do for a living and how they came to their fields.
  • The Crawford Haunted House is an annual event in which residents transform Crawford into a Haunted House for other Commons residents and faculty families.
  • The Crawford Lecture Series is an annual seminar highlighting the accomplishments of various women and promoting empowerment of female leaders, inspired by Frank Crawford, wife of Cornelius Crawford, after whom the House is named.
  • Festivus for the Rest of Us is the annual Crawford House holiday dinner. 
  • Crawford Send Off is an annual year-end celebration of the Crawford community planned by our residents for our residents.

House Leadership

  • Catherine McTamaney, Faculty Head
  • Aimee Robinson, Program Coordinator
  • Alexander Nichols, Graduate Student Worker
  • Megan Harvey, Graduate Student Worker

House Programming & Advisory Council

Elections/appointments to the House Programming & Advisory Council occur in early September. For more details ask your RA staff or email Program Coordinator Aimee Robinson.