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The Houses

Photo Map of The Commons

The Houses

The Ingram Commons is a residential campus for all first-year students. One campus fosters a common experience that encourages class unity and class identity.

A house is a community, a home. Each house has a distinct identity that depends on the faculty head of house and his or her vision for the house, the resident advisers and the student affairs professionals who work closely with students and faculty, and even more on the first-year students who live and learn in the house.

New and Historic Houses

Five historic houses and five new houses along 18th Ave South comprise The Ingram Commons. The historic houses are grouped around the upper end of Peabody Lawn and are as well loved as the newer houses. On this side of the community, there are more shade trees, more grass and more open expanse. The historic district is more relaxed, closer to main campus, Blair and Hillsboro Village. There’s a sand volleyball court next to West House, a Vandy Van stop near North House, and a second bridge across 21st Avenue that is the short cut to the Blair School of Music and the Student Recreation Center. These houses were all fully modernized and renovated when the new buildings were constructed. About 45 percent of the class lives in the historic district.

The faculty, staff and student residents of each house think their own house is the best, but house assignment is random. To learn more about each house click a name to the right of the map below. To learn more about the housing facilities and residential amenities, visit the Office of Housing and Residential Experience website. 

Learn more about each house: