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Immersion Pathways Workshops

The Ingram Commons Immersion Pathways Workshops

The Ingram Commons Immersion Pathways Workshops offer first-year students an opportunity to explore the four pathways that comprise Immersion Vanderbilt—international, research, creative expression, and civic and professional—an intensive learning experience that culminates in immersive projects for Vanderbilt students. The Commons Immersion Pathways Workshops are curated by faculty passionate about leading first-year students down individual Immersion Pathways. Throughout the fall semester, students can participate in programs led by Professors Alyssa Hasty (Research: Bio), Chalene Helmuth (International), Gregory Melchor-Barz (Creativity), Ole Molvig (Research: Humanities), and Christopher Rowe (Civic).

“We are excited to share information with our first-year students regarding research opportunities in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math available within the University and the Medical Center that will contribute to students’ immersion experience at Vanderbilt.”
-Dr. Alyssa Hasty, faculty head of Murray House and Research Pathways Workshop Coordinator

Humanities Immersion  International Immersion

Biological Immersion  Civic Professional Immersion

Creative Immersion

2018-19 Immersion Pathways Workshops

For more information about the 2018-19 Ingram Commons Immersion Pathways Workshops and Immersion Vanderbilt, visit the Immersion Vanderbilt website.

“To study abroad is to explore your sense of self and of the world in the context of a changing yet enduring global community. Potentially transformative, a well-designed immersive experience can also bring clarity to your professional preparation, advance your ability to communicate cross-culturally, and deepen your connection to others.”
-Dr. Chalene Helmuth, faculty head of Sutherland House and International Pathways Workshop Coordinator