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Humphrey Fellows

The  Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program  was initiated in 1978 to honor the late senator and vice president and his life-long commitment to international cooperation and public service. The program brings accomplished mid-career leaders from developing nations and emerging democracies to the United States for an academic year to study, gain professional experience and foster cultural exchange. In collaboration with the Fellowship Program, The Ingram Commons connects each Humphrey Fellow with the ten houses in the hopes that not only can the fellows learn more about our community and educational system, but that we might also learn more from their lived experiences.

2021-2022 Humphrey Fellows

Humphrey Fellows
Muhammad Ohiedul Islam Bangladesh
Tranette Belgrave Barbados
Alexis Arakaza Burundi
Dany Khieu Cambodia
Omery-Clerick Bossana Central African Republic
Ulla Kamp Estonia
Chinara Abdymomunova Kyrgyzstan
Fazna Yoosuf Fariq Maldives
Bakht Zamina
Jayson Bingcang
Metin Cater
Anna Novosad