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Design Your VU

Design Your VU

Design Your VU is a year-long program in which all students who live in the residential college system are automatically enrolled.  This program allows you to chart your own course during your time at Vanderbilt, selecting from a menu of events and activities offered across campus, all with the intent of helping you to find your path and develop your skills. Events are broken into five tracks focused on important areas including:

  • Intellect
  • Community
  • Personal Wellbeing
  • Self-Discovery
  • Cultural Awareness

Participation in Design Your VU is tracked via card-swipe at eligible events and your progress is automatically displayed through the Paths dashboard of Anchor Link.  To complete the program, you need to participate in two items per track (10 total).

By Design[ing] Your VU, you can experience the wide range of activities available at Vanderbilt, make new friends, challenge yourself to try new things, and explore your own personal and professional development. In addition to gaining key skills that will be necessary for your success inside and outside the classroom over the course of your Vanderbilt experience, students who complete the program will be entered into a lottery to win a chance to have coffee and dessert with a surprise guest from the University administration in April. Additionally, throughout the year, students who complete individual tracks will also be eligible for drawings to receive special experiences and prizes. 

Be sure to visit Anchor Link to begin thinking about how you will Design Your VU!   Please contact r.ross-orta@vanderbilt with any other questions or issues.