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VUcept Logo

VUcept is a peer mentor organization with over fifty years of experience mentoring new students through their transition to the Vanderbilt community.  VUceptors facilitate the development of first-year students (VUceptees) by holding Visions sessions within the living and learning community of The Ingram Commons and by connecting VUceptees to upper-division students and faculty.  While student VUceptors are integral to the Vanderbilt Visions program, their mission does not end there. VUcept requires intentional campus engagement from its members, as an effort to pursue campus culture change and in order to help first-year students integrate into the larger Vanderbilt community.  In doing so, VUcept continually emphasizes the value of collaborative exploration, brave spaces, and peer mentorship.

Unite & Uplift

VUcept’s mission as an organization is to “Unite & Uplift.”  Uniting means encouraging the entire Vanderbilt community to come together, bound by their common values, to transcend their differences by celebrating diversity.  VUcept seeks to build a community that is fundamentally united; a community where everyone feels accepted and valued.  Uplifting is essential to this mission, as VUcept hopes to foster a philosophy on campus where everyone supports and cares for one another, helping to ensure each person can be the best version of themselves.  This is a community that fosters growth.

Fast Facts

-There are 93 student VUceptors, representing the diversity of thought and experience found at Vanderbilt.

-Additionally, a 12-member executive board governs the student organization in achieving its mission for campus change, while working to support student VUceptors.  Only current student VUceptors are eligible to apply for the VUcept Board in the fall of each year.

-Student VUceptors are re-selected annually in the spring semester, through a rigorous application process.

-Student VUceptors are intentionally paired with faculty VUceptors and together these pairs co-facilitate the Vanderbilt Visions program.

VUcept Executive Board

Riya Patel, President

Kameron Hagerla, Vice President

Taylor Lomax, Public Relations Co-chair

Sarah Mutombo, Public Relations Co-chair

Grant Bowlds, Selections Co-chair

Karrie Raymond, Selections Co-chair

Michael Gonçalves, Training Co-chair

Rachael Marglous, Training Co-chair

Ryan Chompre, Outreach Co-chair

Jason Scott, Outreach Co-chair

Kev Jung, True Life Co-chair

Ellie Miller, True Life Co-chair

With questions about the VUcept organization, please contact VUcept President Riya Patel or VUcept Adviser Natalee Erb.  Connect with VUcept on Facebook to receive updates and join the conversation.