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New Student Information

Announcement: In light of Vanderbilt’s phased approach to re-opening on-campus operations and activities, information on this webpage has been updated to reflect the new timelines for enrollment and orientation processes. Please note that all CommonVU Orientation activities will take place virtually through the Brightspace learning management system. For more information and updates, please visit or call the Fall 2020 Helpline at (615) 322- 4357.

Welcome to the Vanderbilt family, Class of 2024!

We are thrilled that you have chosen to begin your four-year journey on The Ingram Commons. Since 2008, when the first class moved in, students have found that life on The Ingram Commons is anything but ordinary. The Ingram Commons is a community of first-year students, residential faculty, undergraduate peer mentors, and professionals who live and learn together. Living on The Ingram Commons, you can explore ideas, have fun, and grow as a person and a citizen. Here, the intellectual and the social intertwine, making The Ingram Commons one of the most innovative projects in higher education today.

We know that getting ready for college is both exciting and stressful, for students and parents. Lots of planning, decisions, and deadlines are ahead. On this site, you will find all the resources you need to help you make a smooth transition to campus and to have a successful and enjoyable first year at Vanderbilt. Admitted students should be sure to check their  MyAppVU portal for more information from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions about being part of the Class of 2024!

Getting Ready for Move-In Day

As you get ready to head off to college, you are expected to manage your academic responsibilities, social obligations, and medical needs. All those details can be overwhelming. To help you figure out your path to Vanderbilt, we have created The Road to Vanderbilt, a guide that outlines the steps you need to take to get started on your way to Vanderbilt. All students with a mailing address in the United States will receive a copy in the mail starting in mid-May. International students and domestic students alike can click here to read The Road online.

CommonVU Orientation

The required CommonVU Orientation week begins with Move-In Day and includes activities for parents and celebratory house dinners. The week introduces you to the living and learning communities of your houses and The Ingram Commons, the faculties and academic classes of your schools and colleges, the norms and values of the Vanderbilt community, upper-division undergraduates and their student organizations, and the city of Nashville. An online version of the 2019 CommonVU Orientation schedule is available here. The final 2020 schedule will be posted in August 2020.

Life on The Ingram Commons

Life on The Ingram Commons truly is anything but ordinary. With everything from study groups, impromptu game nights, or floor discussions in your house to a musical evening, community service project, a Commons-wide celebration, or dinner with a notable guest at the Dean’s Residence, there is always something to do. Through programs like Vanderbilt Visions, Commons Seminars, and The Commons Cup, you can get to know your classmates, university faculty and upper-division students. You will also have the chance to enjoy campus traditions including the Fall for the Arts program, The Commons Winter Ball, and the End-of-Year Commons Celebration. For more information about these programs, click here.