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“Here we will help you find, ask and work on the questions that matter to you. We will help you view these questions in new and different ways. We know that the questions that matter to our students are the questions we all need answered. Along with the exceptionally talented faculty and staff throughout the university, it is my privilege to welcome, challenge and equip the next generation of Vanderbilt students.
—Vanessa Beasley, vice provost for academic affairs and dean of residential faculty

The Residential College Experience

Residential colleges shall create an intentional, mutually-beneficial educational experience for Vanderbilt students, faculty and staff. Residential colleges will promote the development of intellect, community, personal well-being, self-discovery, and cultural awareness.

Building upon the learning objectives and programmatic purposes of The Ingram Commons as the central site of Vanderbilt's distinctive first-year experience, the residential colleges for sophomores, juniors, and seniors will be designed to help students:

  • Master a course of study that will prepare them for professional, community, and civic affairs while cultivating a capacity for lifelong learning
  • Interact with others outside of their primary peer groups with civility, curiosity, and respect
  • Exercise mature judgements and habits for healthy living
  • Align their values and commitments with their daily lives
  • Engage with the diverse communities of Vanderbilt, Nashville, and the world