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Residential Education Staff

We’re Here for You!

At Vanderbilt, a housing staff member is available to assist residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Support ranges from providing simple information about the location of classrooms, to offering advice and counseling about personal issues, and even assisting in emergency or crisis situations.

Our 34 residence halls are organized into seven “Residential Areas”, each managed by an Area Coordinator (AC), and maintained by an Area Maintenance Supervisor (AMS). The Residential Education staff also includes upperclass undergraduates and graduate students who serve as head residents (HRs) and resident advisers (RAs) in our undergraduate residence halls. These students are supervised by the seven ACs, all of whom live in residence halls.

To see who is on staff for a particular Area, check the Residential Education staff directory.

Residential Education Staff Roles

Area Coordinators

The Area Coordinators are responsible for all the residence halls in their assigned areas. The ACs live in their areas, are equipped with cell phones, and are on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition to supervising the Head Residents, Resident Advisers and Front Desk Assistant in their residence halls, the Area Coordinator is also available to:

  • respond to emergencies in the residence halls, Greek houses and students off-campus
  • accompany sick and injured students to the emergency room
  • advise residence hall governments
  • counsel individual students
  • promote and assist in the planning of residence hall programming
  • investigate and resolve student disciplinary matters.

Area Coordinators are full-time professional staff members who hold post-baccalaureate degrees.

Area Maintenance Supervisors

Under the supervision of the Director of Facilities, the Area Maintenance Supervisors (AMSes) coordinate maintenance of all the residence halls in their areas. The AMSes are vital parts of the residence hall community and performs a variety of daily functions that maintain a healthy, safe, and supportive learning and living environment for the residents.