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Authorization to Live Off Campus

The University’s commitment to residential education requires that the Office of Housing and Residential Education provide housing for as many students as it can physically accommodate. That commitment is expressed in the Residential Requirement put in place by the Board of Trust in 1952:

“All unmarried undergraduate students are required to live in residence halls on-campus during the academic year, May session and summer sessions. Authorization to live off-campus is granted at the discretion of the Director of Housing Assignments in special situations or when space is unavailable on campus.”

All students who want to request authorization to live off-campus for the 2018-2019 academic year must first register for housing online in the student housing portal between January 8, 2018 and January 12, 2018.  Only students entering their 4th year of study or later are eligible to apply for authorization to reside off-campus. Students wishing to apply for off-campus authorization must first register for housing. Students who currently have off-campus authorization must apply for re-authorization each year.

If off-campus authorization is granted, the housing contract will be declared void. If off-campus authorization is denied, the housing contract will be processed.  Off-campus authorization decisions will be announced in late January 2018.

Priority for Consideration

In accordance with recommendations of VSG, off-campus requests will be prioritized as follows:

  1. Those students currently living off-campus have 1st priority for authorization to live off campus.
  2. Students who will be entering their fourth (or greater) year of study in the Fall Semester of 2018 and who submitted requests by the off-campus application deadline have 2nd priority for authorization to live off campus.

Academic standing is NOT a factor in determining priority for consideration for authorization to live off campus.

In all cases, students wishing to live off-campus for 2018-2019 academic year should not commit themselves in any way (through promises, deposits, or by signing leases) to off-campus housing until they have been officially notified of the approval of their requests by the Director of Housing Assignments. Having signed a lease for off-campus accommodations does not exempt a student from the University’s residential requirement.

Prohibited Properties!

Undergraduate students authorized to live off campus may not live in certain properties off campus. The landlords of these properties have failed to support University efforts to enforce good neighbor standards of behaviors by their student tenants. Therefore, undergraduate students may not live in these properties. If you live in any of these proscribed properties during the fall 2018 semester, your off-campus authorization for the entire 2018-2019 academic year will be voided and you may be required to live on campus.

As of this writing, students may not live in the following properties during the 2018-2019 academic year:

  • 3706 Benham Avenue
  • 2527 Blair Blvd.
  • 3104 Blakemore Avenue
  • 2405 Fairfax Ave.
  • 203 McMillan Street



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