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Our Residence Halls

Please follow the residence hall links below to find out more about what each has to offer.
Key: [F] First Year Housing [U] Upperclass Housing


I. Warren | Moore
· Warren College [U]
· Moore College [U]
II. Alumni Lawn
· Cole Hall [U]
· McGill Hall [U]
· McTyeire Hall [U]
· Tolman Hall [U]
III. Carmichael Towers East
· Tower I [U]
· Tower II [U]
IV. Carmichael Towers West
· Tower III [U]
· Tower IV [U]
V. Branscomb Quadrangle
· Lupton House [U]
· Scales House [U]
· Stapleton House [U]
· Vaughn House [U]

· Blakemore House

VI. Highland Quadrangle
· Chaffin Place [U]
· Lewis House [U]
· Mayfield Place [U]
· Morgan House [U]
VII. The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons
· Crawford House [F]
· East House [F]
· Hank Ingram House [F]
· Gillette House [F]
· Memorial House [F]
· Murray House [F]
· North House [F]
· Stambaugh House [F]
· Sutherland House [F]
· West House [F]