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Transfer Student Housing

Residential Requirement:

Vanderbilt University is a residential campus for undergraduate students, and the residential experience is understood to be an integral part of a Vanderbilt education. This commitment to residential education is clearly expressed in the University’s residential requirement:

“All unmarried undergraduate students are required to live in residence halls on campus during the academic year, May session, and Summer sessions. Authorization to live elsewhere is granted at the discretion of the Director of Housing Assignments in special situations or when space is unavailable on campus.” (Student Handbook)

 Transfer Student Housing Application:

The Transfer Student Housing Application will be available in the Student Housing Portal between May 1, 2018 and June 1, 2018.  All incoming transfer students are required to submit an application.

Transfer Student Roommate Requests:

Transfer students can make a roommate request on the Transfer Housing Application.  Roommate requests are not guaranteed.  Students should not finalize plans with their requested roommate until receiving their room assignment in early August.

Room Changes

An on-campus room assignment is for the entire academic year. Requests for room changes based upon roommate incompatibility will be considered upon application of the student residents after they have been in residence for two weeks. Changes prior to that time will be considered only when based upon physical disabilities incurred after the submission of the housing application.


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