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Choral Prayer at 12:15pm March 25

Posted by on Monday, April 1, 2013 in News.

Student musicians from the Vanderbilt Symphonic Choir led a beautiful sung service of prayer at 12:15pm on Monday, March 25th, in Benton Chapel. The service lasted 15 minutes and provided an opportunity for prayer and reflection through music. A choir from Elk Grove high school in Chicago was a guest of Vanderbilt to showcase some of their vocal talents. The Elk Grove Choir sang Kaki Lambe, a traditional song from Senegal arranged by Brian Tate. Featuring various bird calls and clicking sounds, the choir brought some wonderful sounds to Benton Chapel.

In keeping with the traditional sounds of Africa, members of the Vanderbilt Symphonic Choir sang Shosholosa, a traditional song of South Africa. As this new tradition grows, more members of the Vanderbilt community will get the opportunity to enjoy some reflective moments of song and praise to help gain some mid-day focus.

This collaboration between the Blair School of Music and the Office of Religious Life gives student conductors the opportunity to practice their skills in a church setting. The Vanderbilt Symphonic Choir fills Benton Chapel with the sounds of beautiful harmonies and lyric. The start of a new tradition, students will be able to apply their new skills in a practical setting. The services are open to the public and free of charge.

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