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Recollecting Maryam

Posted by on Saturday, December 11, 2010 in Side Notes.

An Inter-textual Encounter with Mary in the Biblical and Quranic Traditions

Saturday, December 11th from 6:30pm–8:00pm
Scarritt-Bennett Center, Harambee Auditorium

The person of Mary/Maryam occupies a significant place in both the Christian Bible and Muslim Quran. On Saturday, December 11th from 6:30pm–8:00pm, she will serve as subject of a shared dialogical encounter between Islam and Christianity. Join distinguished Muslim and Christian Scholars/Activists for a FREE Interfaith Panel discussion centered on the most revered women in both of these religious traditions. What will we learn about this incredible woman and what will we learn about ourselves as we begin Recollecting Maryam?

Rev. Dr. Ann Holmes Redding, Minister, author, PhD in New Testament, singer, and spiritual director, Ann teaches and speaks nationally and internationally. In 2006, Islam converged with her Christian belief and practice, eventually resulting in her founding of Abrahamic Reunion West, committed to healing the Abrahamic family’s global dysfunction. Her engagement with Islam led to Ann’s defrocking after 25 years as an Episcopal priest.

From the Catholic Tradition:
Dr. Robin Jensen, Luce Chancellor’s Professor of the History of Christian Art and Worship, Vanderbilt University School of Divinity.

From the Protestant Tradition:
Melanie Trexler, Ph.D. Candidate in theological and religious studies, specializing in Christian-Muslim Dialogue and Comparative Theology, Georgetown University.

From the Muslim Tradition:
Tayyibah Taylor, Founding editor-in-chief and publisher of Azizah Magazine, an award winning publication that provides a vehicle for the voice of Muslim American women.


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