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Project Dialogue: Narrative 4

Narrative 4 is a global organization that is built around their signature story exchange methodology of retelling another individual’s story in the first person. In other words, at a story exchange, you are randomly partnered with another individual. You generously share a meaningful story from your life with your partner, and you listen deeply as your partner shares just such a story with you from his/her/their life. Then you each retell your partner’s story as if it were your own. Of course, we can never truly experience what another person does. But for a few minutes, to the best of our ability, we see life through our partner’s eyes. Through the Narrative 4 story exchange process, connections, empathy, understanding and relationships are built while barriers and divisions are broken down. Everyone has a story to tell! We invite you to join in a story exchange on zoom on one or more of the following dates:

  • September 13 at 7 PM
  • October 11 at 7 PM
  • November 8 at 7 PM
  • December 20 at 7 PM

Please RSVP on Anchor Link; the zoom link will be forthcoming.