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Interfaith Vigil to Honor Victims in Boston and Texas

Posted by on Friday, April 19, 2013 in News.

The Office of religious Life held a Interfaith Memorial Vigil for the victims of the Boston and Texas explosions, as well as the earthquake in Asia on Monday, April 22nd outside of Benton Chapel. The service was about 15 minutes and featured readings and reflection from various faith traditions.

Welcomed by University Chaplain Rev. Mark Forrester and Dean of Students Mark Bandas, Vanderbilt’s Interfaith Council helped bring short spiritual reflections from four faith traditions to pause and remember the tragedy. Sid Sapru, the new president of Interfaith Council gave some opening remarks followed by reflections by Alexis Simonetti for Christianity, Fardin Mohammadi for Islam, Aditya Karhade for Hinduism, and Jacob Grossman for Judaism.

A short break in the middle of busy finals time, students, staff, faculty and others paused for a short moment of contemplation and solace for those who were affected by the tragedies of Boston, Texas and Asia. Click on the photo below for a few images.

Here is the Facebook event.