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OUCRL Supports Safety on Campus

Posted by on Monday, June 23, 2014 in News.

In the myriad of ways OUCRL tries to bring a sense of “home away from home” to Vanderbilt students, the safety and well being that is often taken for granted is a main concern. This being said, the staff of the Chaplain’s Office has been and continues to be involved in various aspects of Vanderbilt’s work to educate, train, and keep our campus safe. This summer, Vanderbilt welcomed the Green Dot Institute to campus to continue the efforts of the Green Dot Initiative that works to train and empower bystander intervention against acts of Power Based Personal Violence. OUCRL Program Coordinator Mike Zimmerman is Co-Chair of the campus wide Initiative and was recently asked about the Institute that was brought to campus to train more trainers to work with Vanderbilt students, staff and faculty. Read the article here.

As the focus on campus safety has become more acute in recent years, Vanderbilt is also working to make campus and those who come here safe through working for the Protection of Minors. Our Assistant University Chaplain Rev. Gretchen Person is one of many on a committee to ensure that Vanderbilt staff, students, and those whom they work with are safe from harm. As many of our students work with and engage in activities on campus and around Nashville, Vanderbilt wants to ensure the safety of all involved.

This summer will also see the opening of the new Project Safe Center on campus. Project Safe is committed to preventing all types of power-based personal violence (sexual violence, intimate partner violence, stalking, and identity-based targeting), helping those affected by power-based personal violence, answering questions, and more. With our office’s work through Green Dot, P.E.T.S.A. (Personal Empowerment Through Safety Awareness), our Pastoral Care and Counseling Services, our GriefNet program for those who experience loss, and many more, OUCRL will work to make all students feel they have a safe environment and know we are there for them.