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Getting Married on Campus

Posted by on Tuesday, May 20, 2014 in News.

One of the most special days in any couple’s lives is their wedding day. The day when two separate people join together as one brings families, friends, and others together for a celebration and special look into their lives. Many times, the location for the wedding ceremony holds a special significance for the couple. It could be where they are from, where they are starting their new life together, a special dream destination, or it could even be the place where they met. Traditionally, our own Benton Chapel has been a place for people to get married who have had a current connection to Vanderbilt as student, staff, or faculty.

But now, the chapel has been opened up to to the community as well. The beauty of the stained glass, classic design, and warm wooded pews should be, and now is open to all who wish to share their special day there. Benton Chapel is available for weddings on all Saturdays throughout the year and can be a special part of any wedding. Teaming up with the Office of Conferences and the Office of Student Centers, Vanderbilt can also offer receptions on campus of any size. One’s entire wedding day can be a VU affair with the ceremony, reception and more on campus.

Contact the Office of the University Chaplain and Religious Life for more details, or click for more on Weddings, Benton Chapel, and Campus.